[[!img A basic VNC desktop shown on a DL device] VNC2DL is a VNC client modified by Quentin Stafford-Fraser to render directly to ?DisplayLink devices.

With this, you can display a VNC server's output on a ?DisplayLink device.

There are various reasons you might want to use this:

  • It's relatively easy to start up and kill off multiple VNC desktops at will (on Linux, at least)
  • They can be of any resolution and pixel depth to suit your ?DisplayLink device
  • VNC2DL doesn't have to be running on the same machine as the desktop, or on the same architecture
  • You can have multiple VNC2DL instances connecting to the same desktop
  • The desktop can outlive the VNC2DL instance, so you can disconnect one device and connect another, and bring the same desktop up on it (very different from a graphics card!) For download and instructions, see Quentin's mailing list posting or VNC2DL's page on GitHub.

(VNC2DL was an early and basic user of the libdlo library and would benefit from some of the planned performance improvements to libdlo).